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Thoughts about our social fabric today

Editor’s note - Herb Collins is a writer in the poetic style.  He live in McGregor Iowa.  Herb shares random thoughts on our social climate today:
I believe somewhat that Trump and his followers have brought to the surface of politics that people in general don’t like people. And in the other part of that somewhat how small we can be and how frail are our beliefs, be they political, religious, or just plain good manners.
   There are no exceptions, no innocence, and certainly no short supply of hatred and anger that once bit its tongue. And how sad and weak is our leadership on either side of the aisles. Actually desperately sad. And that weakness is taking the strength that got us this far and dragging it backward down a hole. Not a day goes by that we don’t take a step backwards away from the light that once was watched by the world and now how long before there is no light for those who looked to us as the place to dream.
   I think it will take someone with magical leadership ability if and when the rebuilding began. Perhaps it is just me, but I believe this “shootout at OK America” is far from done.
Some think too big to fail, and I write, “what is left….”   herb

Not every bucket on your list should be filled

By Dave Collins -
Seeing as there is nothing news wise going on, I'll let you in on an almost secret.  I'm a crazy 81 year - old, who got it into his head to buy a boat.  Not just any boat, but a sailboat.  I know, before you say anything, that sailboats are not normally on the Mississippi River.  However, that's the experience I wanted again, feeling the wind in the sails, the nature sounds, the water gurgling under the hull -seamanship – man against nature.
   So, after looking for a long time, I finally bought a used 22 FT Bayliner sailboat.  Cute little thing.  I knew that if I could get the mast raised and rigging sorted out, it would be in the water where I think I could have managed it.  However, it was not meant to be. 
   The day after buying the boat my wife Sandy and I were in the Winneshiek Marina parking lot trying to decided where to place a ladder to climb into the boat.  If anyone had been watching me repeatedly try to raise my leg over the side, they would have said, 'Excuse me mister, but I don't think you should be doing that.'  Getting into the boat became throwing myself head first into it, landing on my back, then recovering my dignity in bit and pieces.
   Once aboard, Sandy and I started unwinding the standing rigging.  Did I mention either of us knew anything about rigging?  I have had powerboats in my past, but never a sailboat.  By the evening we had it pretty well figured out.  We had even managed to move the mast by ourselves into a good position to raise it.  We quickly became aware that our combined strength would not be enough to raise the mast all the way up. 
   We decided to call it a day, as we were hot and tired.  As I climbed down the ladder to the second to the last step, I realized my left foot was not in position to reach the last step.  I thought, 'oh heck, I can just skip that one step'.  The ladder's first step is higher than the rest, so I was surprised at the drop, lost my balance, and fell over backwards.
   When I hit the ground, I realized instantly that I had broken my hip bone.  I rolled on my back in agony.  My view of the world narrowed to my wife, a small path of blue and white sky, and the boat.  I knew my life had just changed, perhaps in a major, permanent way.  In no time there were a couple of EMT's looking down at me, probably wondering 'what kind of fool is this.'

With a fall, your life can change in a second

By Dave Collins -
Your publisher had a great fall and the Kings doctors and staff were able to put him back together again.  However, he is shuffling with a walker from room to room at a snail’s pace.
   This is why the Midwest News site has be neglected for several days.  I will do my best to keep it updated, but it may be a little hit or miss over the next few days or weeks.  Thank you for your patience.

Concrete falls from silo - 15 year-old killed

On May 24, 2019 at approximately 4:21 p.m., the Grant County Sheriff's Office was notified of an accident at a construction site located on Old Highway Road near USH 151, in Paris Township, Grant County, Wisconsin.
   The investigation showed that several members of a family were disassembling a concrete silo when a large chunk of the silo fell from approximately 50 to 60 feet. The chunk of concrete struck a 15 year old male in the head and caused an injury. The 15 year old male was transported to Mercy Hospital in the city of Dubuque for his injuries sustained in the accident. At 7:11 p.m., the 15 year old was pronounced deceased at Mercy Hospital.
   The accident remains under investigation.  Assisting the Grant County Sheriff's Office was the Dickeyville Rescue Squad and Jamestown First Responders, along with the Dubuque Medical Examiner's Office.

Mississippi River’s Morganza Spillway Expected to
Open For 3rd Time in History


Above: The Morganza Spillway on May 15, 2011, a day after its flood gates were opened. Image credit: Divine providence: the 2011 flood in the Mississippi River and Tributaries Project, by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers historian Charles Camillo.

After the wettest winter in U.S. history took the Mississippi River in March to its 2nd highest flood on record in Louisiana, renewed heavy rains that fell over the past week in the Central Plains and Midwest are expected to cause an even higher crest on the river in early June, forcing the Army Corps of Engineers to open the Morganza Spillway for just the 3rd time in history. The Morganza Spillway, completed in 1954, is one of three flood-control diversion structures on the Mississippi River built in the wake of its catastrophic 1927 flood.
   Unrelenting severe weather and flooding rains have plagued the central U.S. since May 17, with widespread 7-day rainfall totals in excess of three inches recorded over much of the Mississippi River watershed.



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