Alleged sex trafficker in Crawford Co.
arrested in Tennessee months later

On May 9th, 2016 The Crawford County Sheriff’s Department investigated a theft from a residence located on Oak Grove Ridge Road in Eastman Township. The Sheriff’s Departments K-9 Unit responded and made contact with Learoy Williams IV, age 33 of Eastman, WI.  Williams stated that he had items stolen from his residence while he was away in Tennessee.  Williams stated that his neighbor was the person who stole the items.  
   During the Investigation, a female, who Williams referred to as his girlfriend, confided in the deputy that she was being held against her will by Williams and that she was the victim of Human Sex Trafficking. She stated she was in fear of her safety and Williams had been “pimping” her out for money in La Crosse, and that they would travel to other states for the same purpose.  The female was removed from the residence in Eastman.        During the investigation into the alleged human trafficking and forced prostitution, the female victim refused to cooperate, citing fear of Williams and other gang members Williams was affiliated with in Tennessee as the reason she wouldn’t give a statement.        The woman stated she only wanted to go back home to Tennessee.  Based upon the lack of cooperation from the victim, Williams was not arrested.  The woman was kept in a safe place until family members from Tennessee could come to Crawford County and pick her up.  
   On June 4th 2016 Williams was arrested in Chattanooga, Tennessee and charged with one count of Sex Trafficking for Commercial Sex Act. Williams was arrested by Chattanooga Police after a female victim told police she was beaten and forced to work as a prostitute. 
   The female victim told investigators that Williams forced her to have sex for money in other states including Wisconsin, Florida and Mississippi and that Williams had utilized BackPages.Com to solicit the victim for prostitution. 
   The information gathered in the investigation led authorities from Tennessee and Crawford County to have contact and information from the Crawford County case was sent to authorities in Tennessee. Williams is being held on a $150,000 bond in Tennessee. 
   The case remains under investigation by both Tennessee and Crawford County Authorities.

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Opening Day Success

Deer hunt

Kevin Murray (L), Connor Murray (R) and Shamus Murray (not in picture) all shot at least one deer on opening day.  They were in The Market Place parking lot in Gays Mills to show off their harvest.
   This is the time of year guys and gals have been anticipating.  Two days ago the temperature hit 70 degrees, yesterday it was 62 degrees, but Saturday, opening day, it was a cold 33 degrees with a strong, bitter wind.

Super duper moon visits Driftless area

Super moon

By Dave Collins -
The supermoon as seen Monday morning along County Road E and Pleasant Mound Road in Crawford County was impressive.  A Supermoon happens when a Full Moon or New Moon coincides with the Moon's closest approach to Earth; also called perigee. A Super Full Moon looks around 12% to 14% bigger than the micronmoon
   The full moon on November 14, 2016, will present the closest supermoon of the year (221,524 miles). What’s more, this November 14, 2016 full moon will showcase the moon at its closest point to Earth thus far in the 21st century (2001 to 2100).  The last time the moon was this close was January 26, 1948, and the moon won’t come this close again until the full moon of November 25, 2034.

   On a person note - while photographing this supermoon I discovered there are two realities - who knew?  I first set up my camera at the small clearing across from the Boscobel Boat Landing.  That way, I was able to have the moon shine on the river, the bridge in the middle ground, and the moon setting behind the hills.  Compositionally it looked fine, but with the clouds, the moon didn’t seem that spectacular.  Anyhow, I shot a bunch of pictures until the moon set behind the hills after-which, I sat on the bumper of my car sipping the last of my coffee.
   I leisurely packed up my equipment, drove across the Boscobel bridge and up Shockley hill.  When I reached the top of the hill there was a huge yellow moon about 10 degrees above the horizon.  I was totally shocked that there was a second moon in the sky after I had seen the first one set completely!
   Now, those of you have have wandered these hills and valleys may be use to this phenomena, but it was a reality check for me.  I’m glad it happened because the shot I took at the top of the ridge was much better than the ones I took along the river.  The supermoon did look much larger than normal, and was a bright yellow-orange near the horizon.  It was worth getting up early.

Supermoon river

Shot of supermoon along the river at Boscobel Bridge.



Saturday, December 03, 2016 

Grand Opening


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Opening Day deer hunt

A Daily Smile

Great truths about growing old:

Forget the health food.  I need all the preservatives I can get.


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