Farm accident fatality in Allamakee County

Allamakee County, Iowa - 12/8/18 at 3:09 p.m. - The Emergency Dispatch Center received a report of a farm accident in a farm drive along Dorchester Drive in rural Allamakee County.
   Upon the arrival of first responders, an adult male was located pinned under the tire of a tractor.  The victim had been run over by the tractor and had died as a result of the injuries sustained at the time of the incident.
   The name of the victim is being withheld pending notification of family members.

Lou’s R & R is OPEN despite rumors to the contrary

By Dave Collins -
Steuben, WI - After the owners of Lou’s R & R Station have turned ‘Heaven and Earth’ to reopen their bar/restaurant after the recent floods (see article below), FEMA waltzes in to inform them they may be forced to sell their business within 3 to 5 years.
   Now, the rumors have spread that they are closed, which is NOT true!  Midwest News will report further on this after we have had a chance to glean more facts in the coming days. Lou's R&R is open and would appreciate your business.

The season is starting to brighten up

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After the Kickapoo floods, the work begins
How one small local business struggled to reopen

Flood Lou's R&R intv

By Dave Collins -
Steuben, WI – The floods came in late August, and when they receded they left two of Steuben's business devastated, Lou's R & R Bar & Grill and Jo's Kounty Bar.  This was no normal flood, which these business have gone through before, this was the granddaddy of them all, an all time record due to heavy rain plus two dams failing.
   This all took place in late August when Bob & Lou, owners of Lou's R & R Station, set out to reclaim their business.  It required a huge effort over the next few months, a good deal of money, and the help of lots of people.  Now, after over two plus months of effort they are open again.  Watch video to see what they had to do before they could reopen.
   These two businesses are vital to the folks in this area.  Local farmers depend on them for a take out meal or as a meeting place.  If you want to help these businesses get back on their feet, treat yourself to an extra meal or two over the next couple of months.
   Up and down the Kickapoo River valley there are other businesses in the same boat.  Send flowers to your wife from Village Green-House & Florist in Gays Mills (608-735-4853).  Won't she be surprised?  Or, put together a care package for your mother or a shut-in from the Kickapoo Exchange Natural Food Coop in Gays Mills (608-735-4544).  All these businesses and many more have struggled to recover from the all time record floods this summer.  Your business would be greatly appreciated.
   The phone number for Lou's R & R Bar is (608-476-2134).  Jo's Kounty Bar is still remodeling, but will be open soon.

A bottle washes ashore with a sage message

By Dave Collins - Occasionally I find comments from deep thinkers, perhaps written years ago, that fit our time, or at least help explain what our culture is going through today.  It is almost like a premonition or a template that we are following without even realizing it.  I decided to share this to help put our present day in context.
   James Baldwin was an essayist, playwright and novelist regarded as a highly insightful (born 1924, died 1987).  He wrote in part, “We forget that our particular moment, with all its tribulation and triumphs, is not neatly islanded in the river of time but swept afloat by massive cultural currents that have raged long before it and will rage long after.
   “People who believe in fundamental and irreversible changes in human nature are themselves ahistorical and naive.  If novelist know anything it’s that individual citizens are internally plural: they have within them the full range of behavioral possibilities.  The are like complex musical scores from which certain melodies can be teased out and others ignored or suppressed, depending, at least in part, on who is doing the conducting
   At this moment, all over the world, and most recently in America, the conductors standing in front of this human orchestra have only the meanest and most banal melodies in mind.
   Here in Germany you will remember these martial songs; they are not a very distant memory.  But there is no place on earth where they have not been played at one time or another.  Those of us who remember, too, a finer music must try now to play it, and encourage others, if we can, to sing along.”



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