Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

You are NO better than Hillary in making excuses about loosing to Trump. The voter ID Law has nothing to do with your lose. The Voter ID Law is NOT any more discriminating or inconvenient than a drivers license, vehicle registration or any other form of necessary verification of ownership or identification to prove who you are. It is still the LAW that states that a person is required to be a citizen to vote.

In this day and age of electronic data storage and access, there should be NO problem in proving this and to obtain the proper documentation to show this. I wish you and all the others who lost the election would grow-up and be an adult and accept your loss and stop making excuses and work to make things better.

You remind me of a poker player who always blames the dealer, the faulty deck of cards, the bad lighting, etc. for YOUR BAD card playing. Get over it and grow-up and learn from it. As long as you keep making excuses you will learn nothing and the things you want changed will only change for the worse while you're complaining instead of helping to change things for the better. 
May GOD bless you with HIS Love and Grace in this
day and many more to come.
                                  John & Kay [Keyser]

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