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Speculating on what might have happened, and knowing the cookies were in a box that contained a small desk lamp, and a Halloween outfit for a two year old, we thought perhaps they x-rayed the package, saw wires, and a canister (oatmeal container) and sidelined it thinking it a bomb.  We pictured guards with guns drawn, watching dogs sniffing excitedly at the package.  Or, maybe a postal worker has his feet up munching on home made oatmeal raisin cookies while drinking his coffee.
   Then late on Sunday the tracking report indicated the the package had arrived at the Chicago Metro facility (Day 5).  That's four days to go from Milwaukee to Chicago!  The report went on to say it was in transit to the destination, but never showed it leaving Chicago.
   Monday afternoon, Oct. 24th, (Day 6) the package was in Des Moines, IA - after 6 days!  That's only about a 3 hour drive from were we live.  Our daughter said, “Ha! Grandma should never have cast a spell.”  We wonder where it will go next?  The Post Office says, 'An updated delivery date will be provided when available.'  After 6 days the Post Office still had no idea when it might be delivered.
   On the seventh day we received an email that the package had arrived in Denver at 6:25 a.m.  We felt certain, well almost certain, that it would be delivered later that day, but we were wrong again.  On day 8 the package arrived at another post office in Denver at 6:27 a.m.  That's exactly 24 hours to travel between two Denver post offices.  They did say, finally, that it would be delivered that day, Wednesday October 25th.  Our two day air delivery would now arrive 8 days later, with no explanation.

   In 1861 the Pony Express could receive letters in New York and deliver them in San Francisco within 10 days!  This is not to take anything away from our hard working postal people who deliver our mail through rain, sleet, and snow.  However the post office upper management might want to read up on logistics and how the Pony Express handled things. 
   In the end, Grandma exclaimed, “I should have just grabbed my broomstick and flew them there myself!”

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