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Thoughts driving today

By Cynthia Smith

I headed North at ten on Saturday morning. The purpose of this jaunt was to connect with older son and his wife, to go over some estate stuff as COULD BE related to my demise.

I AM feeling right as rain, however, but I’ve heard of too many deaths - totally unexpected - in which those remaining, family, friends, etc. conclude that they should have gotten a clearer message from the deceased on how the arrangements should be performed.

Have YOU ever sat down and clearly made your wishes known as regards the moment you leave this globe?

Well, I have done (or tried to do) these talks - as I have six children and step children who will be included (unless they don’t live as long as I do) in some type of tangible benefit. I made sure:
1) they knew where important papers were
2) they all were aware what would be left to them.
3) they agreed the disposal of this was okay
4) someone would take my cat

Now, for whatever reason, the northbound traffic did not move as well - I usually make it up there in 3 to 4 hours. Today, it took 5!! I wonder if that was because it was a Saturday????

I arrived but no one was home.  So instead I went to the bakery. There, I ordered a “crepe cake” a special treat from a local artisan there which I will take that home to my cat sitting friends.  Tomorrow I’ll see 2 great grandsons play in their ball game.

Mission will be accomplished after I pick up the cake and head home — but I don’t think any of these older kids will recall one thing I came to discuss. So, I could have stayed home or just called and not concerned myself about any control of issues. They’ll handle it when the time comes.    

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