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Sixty years ago to today

By Cynthia Smith

Holy Wisconsin! I received a call from an Iowa friend during which she alerted me that in August this summer, we were invited to our Sixtieth Class Reunion!

Now I grew up attending school in a little town of about a thousand folks. Our graduating class had some 32 or so students (if one didn't count those who finished their senior year at home, due to pregnancy).

This April I was able to celebrate my birthday, which brought me around the corner of seventy-eight years! Three best friends, who keep me thinking YOUNGISH, came over laden with good food and spirits and we enjoyed a pleasant evening together - I am trying to educate them to the perils of age, as two are in their late fifties and one has now pierced the sixth decade of her life.

But, because we were having a happy night, I did NOT do any lecturing about dried up skin tone, or thinning hair, or creaky knees.  One of the group was told by a fortune teller that she would live to ninety-eight years(!) on the same day I was told by the medium that there was a CURSE put on me years ago! (I always wondered when many relationships ended..........well, that's another column).

So in all my years, have I concluded any lessons I might pass on? Nope, but I am a SLOW learner.  The only thing I might share is PAY ATTENTION to your own life. Follow (as much as possible) the Golden Rule. If you wouldn't want a certain action done to you? Don't do it to others.  This works pretty much in any situation in our society. DO NOT disrespect ANY person because they're "different" - in their religion, in their color, in their customs other than your own. As much as is possible, travel and see more of our world.  It is amazing how people in other lands tackle problems.
Some countries tax residents heavily, but then have child care from birth to maturity, free college for those who live there - I could go on and on. I do NOT want to move to one of those countries, but I hope we could copy HOW WE might do the same (think Bernie Sanders).

I still have my own philosophical mantra (plagiarized, long ago from Rodney King) "Can't we all just get along?"  However, in view of the reported gassing of innocents this month in Syria - I guess not. Tragic.

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