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More indignities!

By Cynthia Smith

Not long ago I had to visit the ER - they suspected a stroke. (but, after my trip to Mayo, it was determined that it was not, it was rather BVVP- remember looking that up?) Now I am well enough to pack up my camels and move my entire caravan into  a new duplex just finished in town/Boscobel.  For these three days’ indignities, they billed my insurance company $23,000 of which I had to pay my share of $850 because I administered two pills myself.  (This will result in another column).

I have friends helping me box up, a dumpster full of unneccessary minutia that dosen’t deserve hauling. Maybe for the Clean Up Day at our township?

I’m a wreck (mentally) over all this landslide of change(s) - six month cancer checks; packing for move; 80th birthday; kids coming for visit/birthday; adding one new (calming) medication so now I take four pills each morn.

But, the worst effect is on my poor kittyCat!  She’s been hiding now for five days. I did finally see her this morning under a chair in my bedroom, thank the Lord.  Of course, she took off, but seems to be not as frightened. Took her to the vet yesterday who administered some fluids she needed and she is not “scared sh—less” and is using her litter box

I know I’D be drinking MORE - if I could find where the liquor is packed! LAST NIGHT I RESORTED TO  A RUM concoction, in spite of not favoring it, but desperation has set in now….. No more meals made at home, as I have NO IDEA where any pans are— and a final indignity:  a thunderstorm just in time to freak out kittyCat, and will she let me approach her to comfort??? It is raining cats and dogs right now. A horrible description to lay on kittyCat.

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