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My glass is half full - that’s progress

By Cynthia Smith

Have you ever known persons who made the most daunting task appear like child's play?
Not in MY case- if there is an alternate manner to tackle a chore or a task, e.g. hanging a print on the wall - I can make it harder by far ---In my attempt to keep these walls pristine, I've used a product called COMMAND - but Nay! Don't you be fooled and try this solution unless you wish to hear artwork fall from your wall (in the middle of a sound sleep-crash, bam, etc..)

Likewise in my quest to NOT own a "smart" phone I have now purchased 2 different phone sets that will record more than I ever cared to know about who is trying to reach me at my new number!

I had a "Martha Stewart" plan in my brain for leather furniture and had gotten two comfy chairs.  Now, no way on my income could I afford a leather couch BUT I could order a leather loveseat. Special order that;..................and be content to wait several weeks (it came yesterday) and was worth the six week wait;  I love it -just needs an older tabby cat curled up sleeping on it.  Not gonna happen.  I'm not recovered from that loss yet.

Bought a new Mr.Coffee that no matter HOW MUCH water I put into it, it only will produce one cup of brewed. Bought it from a store going out of business (no returns).

But I am having more good days than bad now. So I count that as progress.

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