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Carts & the parking lot challenge

By Cynthia Smith

The other day I was struggling with what I could get on paper for a column. I hadn’t had much excitement of late, and if I wrote about my last occasion of dining out (spectacular!) it would sound like an ad for the place.  But I might do it anyway at a later week.

Actually, I thought about writing down my feelings from yesterday.  Cat wakened me at seven a.m. and when I stood up from my bed, THERE WERE SEVEN deer in my yard, just a few feet from my bedroom window view!  They appeared to be munching some dried leafy things in my upper garden - hydrangeas.  Wonder if they taste good?

They took their time, grazing between the various flower skeletons - the hydrangeas seemed to be to their liking.  They remained in the yard for a good half hour but, then some noise startled them.  They ran to my lot’s southern edge, and up to the top of that hill and stopped to regroup.

Then, I got ready to drive to a Walmart to pick up a small list of things.  It was one of the few times that my checkout total was under $50 so, I was feeling both pleasures as I wheeled my cart to my car; pleasure thinking of the herd of beautiful deer - and a glad feeling from the low total I’d spent.

I transferred my goods into my car, then looked around for the cart corral closest to me.  AS I gripped the cart and was walking to the corral, I noted, about three cars from me, a woman entering HER car.  I would need to go past her to reach the corral.  Now, I’m short, getting shorter, and as I approached her car it was running.  I stepped one more cart width to my left so she could see me wheeling by. But then, HER BACKUP lights came on!  I moved my empty cart MORE to my left to get out of her way. But, she didn’t see me and started backing.  I Tried to move even further away, but by then she was striking my cart, making noises, scraping metal on blacktop noises, blending with my shouts of stop! stop! at the top of my voice, but the force of her car pushed my cart (and me) to the ground before she was aware of us and the collision going on.

FINALLY, she must have looked into her mirror as she stopped the car’s movement. Putting it in park, she came running toward me, saying are you OKAY? I said yes, but I needed help to get up.  My knees took the brunt, corduroys were torn and thee fingernails ripped off my left hand. She helped me rise to my feet. I was fine, and told her so right away. She kept saying “I didn’t see you (which I had already figured out), And, I assured her I was okay and just wanted to leave my empty cart and get into my car and head home. 

She was apologetic, maybe 18 years of age…..and I’m sure she now will become a rear view mirror checker in the future.  I know I will become a lot more observant as I walk DOWN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD, smack in the middle of the tarmac TOWARD A CART CORRAL and presumed safety.

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