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Enough Already

By Cynthia Smith


Well, those of us livIng in Crawford county, or Vernon county or along the Kickapoo or the Wisconsin river, we are all up to here!

The pictures on television, the newspaper close ups, everything that focused on those businesses, the cancellations, the clean ups —- all just freshened the pain and memories of ONE MORE FLOOD.

The Soldiers Grove Art Fair - one event I look forward too each year - might not be held at all.
I already had to turn around (don’t drown) from meeting a friend in Prairie today so I would be certain to make it home later ——- it was a risk I didn’t want to take - the water was already creeping across the two routes to my house.

Hard to be cautious - BUT this would be the second or third time my road was impassable in two weeks’ time.  Each time proved a new record.

So forgive me if I don’t get more descriptive.  I think many of you just have to look down your road or out your window - not reading my lines about how deep the river is at the moment.

Thanks to the Midwest News editor, there are photos galore of Gays, of Steuben, of
Readstown, the stranded cows, the floating logs and debris.

All I can say is: help our neighbors where we can - donate $$$ to their communities and when you CAN get out - haul nice dry clothing, blankets, rugs, anything of use to your local thrift centers or CAP.

I guarantee you some washed out residents will make use of them!!

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