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By Cynthia Smith


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A cat by any name is wonderful

By Cynthia Smith

After attending a meeting at my township, I was so bummed out about a proposal for a huge hog farm, I decided enough was enough, and left home for the Dubuque Humane Society's rescue to pick out a replacement for my deceased Miss Kitty.

He is perfect - a big fat male, and has been given all his shots, neutered, loves to cuddle, litter trained, blah,blah.  Also, he has been micro-chipped in case he goes exploring.

TOOK him to see/meet my vet next day in Prairie who said he was super.  He is a bit arrogant, but lets me be boss. However - my friend Al, predicted he would be bad for the new leather furniture.

She was right.

I can live with that, I really missed my pet cat. Now he sits (or is sprawled) at my feet as I type this.  Should I name him "SideKick"?  He was already named "Phoenix" which I find to be a useless name.

I guess I can call him whatever I choose, maybe he will eventually give me a clue or two with however he behaves?  "Snoopy"?  "Cuddles"?

I LOVE HIM already! "Romeo"?   Oh, and he snores when he sleeps next to me.

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