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Customer Service - a misnomer?

By Cynthia Smith

I always give myself a Christmas gift, a carry-over from how my deceased shopped for a gift for  me - he would say just order or buy whatever you would want this year and that will be my present to you.

Over the years I purchased things I knew he would NEVER get for me: an emerald cut (fake) diamond ring, an outdoor heated bird bath, and NEXT year (2018) I am contemplating that he will choose an automatic car start for the winter months!

This year - 2017 - I got from him the latest new Cuisinart coffee maker that perks at the time of your waking, so your coffee is right there, ready to enjoy - AND I can either make one Keurig cup OR if I’m having friends in, make 12 cups in the carafe - what a deal!!

Except. I have always had this brand of coffee maker over the last 20 years and I think that the Chinese assemblers on this model may hav skipped a button or two.  I programmed the pot to perk this a.m. before I got up.  But, it didn’t. So, I had to manually push the buttons. Not happy at that……..for what it cost, it should have served it to me in bed!!

So I called the customer service and complaint line.  I decided that they either have mountains of complainers OR only one person at that phone line.  Put my phone on “speaker” while their tapes played in my ear, and I did multi-tasking as I waited.

Finally, after the prewarned advice of a fifteen minute wait had expired, a human voice came on -  she asked for the model number. Gave that to her. Then, she asked for the serial number -
where would I find that?? On the bottom of the unit.  Oops. Sorry the pot’s water reservoirs (2 of them) were full, therefore really cramping up my chance of view the bottom (but you can bet I DID  try by cautiously sliding the pot to the edge of the countertop but, the darn numbers were not visible that way).

Gave up and told the customer service person I would call later.  Emptied both reservoirs; tipped pot upside down; found the nearly invisible numbers in the black housing material and wrote them down; re-filled the reservoirs once again, pot ready for action.  Now I didn’t want any coffee.

I am not skilled at following directions with devices like smart phones or even this coffee pot. The entire reason I purchased it for Christmas was that it would save me money with the feature where I could make ONE cup for myself.  With my old Cuisinart, I had to make a minimum of six cups.  I think once I get the hang of the new pot from Joe, I will be very happy! Maybe by my birthday in Spring.

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