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Hard to find anything Funny

By Cynthia Smith


Readers, there isn’t much to write about today that would tickle your (or my) funny bone.

We’ve been reading about a man who sent pipe bombs to people in government and in the news who he felt needed threatening, and his method of doing that? Mail a pipebomb to their home or their offices. That ought to do it.

Daily the news folks would list another person we knew of such as Robert de Niro —- holy cow,  Clapper, once was in the administration; Joe Biden who considered running for office in 2020. if I were married to such a guy, I know I’D be saying, “No Way!” You are not going to become a target in the future!

Hate crimes  - I never thought of such numbers happening in America.  Guess I’ve been naive.

As news reporters hastened to Pittsburg when they heard about the hate crime at a synagogue nearby—where several of those injured were responding police, and first responders.

So, I can only give up on my initial quest of today - which was try to write about something amusing for the Collins’ Midwest News.  Maybe another week.   My son and I are planning a future trip to Minnesota - his brother AND his uncle both have new homes.  Will we find something amusing on that trip or, as we discover their new residences?  There will be a possible opportunity to visit the six great grandkids of mine, and that is OFTEN a fertile field where humor flourishes—I’ll wish for that.

Often at the church I attend, the minister will start services after the call to worship by asking members who want to, to recount a pleasant experience from the previous week.  These tales might vary from seeing waterfowl on their pond; a baby animal; a visit from distance relatives—just to emphasize how many ordinary things bring us enjoyment.

I hope the Jewish worshipers in Pittsburg are able to find some happy thoughts on Shabbat.

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