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The Internet is a necessity

By Cynthia Smith

Just today I was able to see a baby giraffe being born - because I looked on the Internet.  I also watched a fight going on at a Berkeley demonstration between a Trump supporting group and some group that disagreed.  The filming included the moment when a reported ex-Marine (not proven) hit a sucker punch that decked a young woman, putting her on the ground in pain. Now I didn't have to watch this, but my curiosity was hooked. So I did.

I have friends who told me about a prosecutor from the Nazi trials after WWII who was interviewed and was as interesting as could be -- and his current age is 97!! I will be sure to watch that documentary once I have the link to it.

On the most recent time the Internet was VERY helpful, to my friend driving home from St Louis MO, was how she used her Smartphone to find out what roads were open, not under detours, as we tried to leave Missouri to get back to Wisconsin.  The roads were being closed hour by hour, so the Internet was quite the most accurate warning, better than radio.

Well, even using the Internet, we wound up traveling an extra 100 miles, minimum, to stay on roads that were passable as we zigged and zagged toward Wisconsin and finally completed the trip arriving at our respective doors.

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