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By Cynthia Smith

Part of me wanted to prove that I could overcome some of the boundaries that time had allowed to become the "new me".  For instance, I rarely drive at night anymore which was limiting some activities.  A late show? Can't do matinee? Drat.

Fly somewhere to visit relatives or take a vacation? I am truly, really happiest at home in my woods. But - what about watching the greatgrandbabies grow? I need to be up North for that!
So when the New Year approached, I decided to take the ornery bull by the horns and do something about these barriers.  This is my column about bravery (for me) and how I challenged myself.

First, I would fly to meet up with my family in Arizona. OK, I'll admit I asked for help in arranging this. I also took my son along and he was incredibly helpful with our GPS.  I drove a rental car on unfamiliar roads, filled with a roundabout nearly every half mile. Glad I knew how to navigate those from driving in Prairie du Chien, but we nearly got clipped by a person who did NOT.
Stayed in a motel, not my favorite, and even more successfully DROVE IN THE DARK.  I lost my wallet in the dark, but found it in the morning daylight. So, I bragged to family that I drove in the dark.  Not just the 30 minute trip from son's rental to the motel - I drove HOME from Minneapolis to Crawford County in the dark - from our plane landing at 9 p.m. to crawling into my bed at two a.m.  How shattered was THAT obstacle?! I now feel like I may board another flight soon and fly to see my stepdaughters in the South.
Conquering fears and realizing that I am still able, not dead yet - was an important fact for me to find out about myself.  I've been letting too many chances pass me by, begging off on my age.  Wrong.  I won't be entering a Triathlon or anything like that (I have COPD), but I ready for more adventures.
I want my great grand babies to look at me whizzing down a zipline somewhere and go, "Wow, look at great grandma!"

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