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Our Capital amid protest

By Cynthia Smith

In the past week or so, I have seen so many groups in the streets, protesting. Some are protesting issues of racial problems, some protest womens' issues; others governmental interference, another LGBT voices raised for more awareness, it goes on and on.

I myself took a bus many years ago (now I cannot even recall the year, but it had to be after 2000, I think) and rode to Washington District of Columbia.  That was the first time I ever went to the White House. Well, I wasn't let INTO the White House, actually, but got within a block of it.

I want to go back.  I have yet to see the Holocaust Museum, the Native American museum, and because on my second trip later around 2008 I was with my husband, we only went to the places HE wanted to see. I was okay with that so we saw - on THAT trip - the National Art Gallery, The Space Museum , and waded our way through some of the Smithsonian and the memorials: WWII; the Vietnam Wall; the Korean War  (what breathtaking statues of those soldiers and ground personnel - so moving). Also, I would like to see the newer Martin Luther King monument. We citizens are so lucky to have these tributes for our "land of the free" to view without charge.  No wonder so many immigrants strive to enter the USA. I think about the 1800's and the thousands of our ancestors who risked everything to get to Ellis Island - whether they came from Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, the Baltics, Mideast, you add the name of your grandparents' and great-grandparents' countries.

Now, I am hesitant about a trip to our Capitol; it seems to me that there are quite a number of angry, hostile people there - both IN and AROUND the White House, and I have never been one to enjoy confrontation. I never am able to keep my opinions to myself, and would probably wind up in a pickle! Or, under arrest?

I guess if I live long enough to see the mood of our country in the NEXT election, whomever they might be in 2020, I will re-evaluate my trip then.

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