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Now I’m a Naturalized (Wisconsin) Citizen

By Cynthia Smith

I have lived the the Driftless Region of Wisconsin since 1999 — almost twenty years, two decades, five great grandkids births plus two older grandsons (family of slow starters in Missouri).

Over these years, any time friends have been over, or met some place for dinner and stories exchanged, sure as heck, someone relates a tale of a recent collision with a deer, usually an eight pointer (too old to be that careless).

If they carry collision insurance they are usually not TOO upset - but if they do not, it can get rather pricey, depending where the two collided. Involve a headlight? That is costly - and if the bumper area is separate? You know those parts are going to ratchet right up the invoice page. God forbid if it also dented the HOOD at the same time.

Or, worse scenario- driving home from the relatives’ farm in Illinois and the car doesn't meet the rules quoted by the State Patrolman - not safe, not roadworthy. Now what? It is dark of night, you (and your family) are miles from the farm.  Thank god for cell phones and one of the nephews can drive over to pick you up and you spend the night at the old homestead.

Never you mind that there are beasts in the upper floor where the bedrooms are - either mice from their sounds OR bats. OMG! DO NOT even whisper aloud any suspicions you might harbor in the vicinity of the kids who traveled with us this holiday. They will stick out a thumb and head toward the city where we pay our real estate taxes.

Anyhow, now I am one of the group, the group of souls who has been done in by a white tail. 
My damages were not horrific and less harmful in price than many stories related to me, but I suppose some totals were influenced by how many vodka tonics they drank.

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