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Love the snow, but...

By Cynthia Smith

I LOVE this snow!  But I’ll admit I am beginning to tire of its frequency.

Thank goodness my snowplow fellow (John) is reliable most of the time. The most I have yet to be snowbound is one day.  Then, the garage door wouldn’t work as it was under the snow (over the automatic “eye” signal at the bottom was blocked by a dead leaf).  There was so much piled snow and nowhere to move it to, that it took a while to discover the problem.  Up and down, up and down, the door kept going.

I hope the deer are able to forage for some food, won’t be easy now.  I never keep track of how many inches total we have around us. I know people who can quote the day of any storm, how much fell in inches - they must sit around and write down the reports from the various stations and channels.

Whenever we get ice, that’s when things get wicked.  Especially if your homestead is on a hilly drive!! Many a snowy night I have wound up making a spare bedroom for a friend whose car refused to go OVER the hump at the top of the road where the county had plowed our roadway.

Each season of snow I try to warn city dwellers - do NOT let your youngsters build snowforts by their lot edges where piles could be crushed by city street workers as they work their plowing equipment.

Since I have no school age children, I pay no attention to the School Closing announdements, but I am sure these get rapt attention by families who do.  And, I bet they create scrambling for sitters so the parents don’t miss work.


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