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Sand bags will be made available due to flooding

Prairie du Chien, WI - 3/15/19 - Crawford County Emergency Management has paired with Prairie Sand and Gravel and the Prairie du Chien Correctional Institute for sand bagging  operations. 
   Sand bags are available upon request and orders will be given to the prison every morning at 9:00 AM.  In emergency situations orders will be put into the prison throughout the day. To request sand bags please call Crawford County Emergency Management at 608-326-0266.  If there is no answers please leave a message and a return phone call will be made to confirm work orders.
   Every year Prairie du Chien Sand and Gravel donates sand for life/property saving operations.  These operations are made possible by partnerships with Prairie Sand and Gravel and the Prairie du Chien Correctional Institute. 

Looking for spring

CS Sandstrom 3 12foxsquirrel

This handsome fox squirrel is one of three that visit regularly at Mike and Marcia Sandstrom place near Mount Zion.

Secretary Pfaff Commends Evers’ Proposed Budget
for Boosts to Ag, Environment

MADISON –Secretary Brad Pfaff tonight applauded Gov. Tony Evers for measures in his proposed state budget that will help Wisconsin’s family farmers, support rural communities, and protect the state’s environmental resources.
   Pfaff, of the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, said, “I’m grateful for the Governor’s attention to the needs of the agricultural community and his understanding of the importance of that community to our state as a whole. As Gov. Evers noted in his address, we are all connected – and agriculture is one of the things that connects us most strongly.
   Our farmers provide food and fiber, our rural residents and urban dwellers create a market, and our transportation system serves us all. We all share the same environment and want to protect our land and water.”
   Gov. Evers introduced his budget to the Legislature during an address this evening.   “We can’t forget that agriculture contributes $88 billion annually to Wisconsin’s economy. We are one of the top three economic engines in the state,” Pfaff said. “Gov. Evers’ budget recognizes that reality.”
   Among the budget items Pfaff commended are:Substantial investments in our transportation system
    Investments in rural broadband to enhance connectivity
    Support for our farmers through increased mental health assistance and grants for small dairy processors
    Increased funding for water quality initiatives
    Additional resources for Wisconsin’s developing hemp industry
“Our farmers have struggled under some difficult circumstances recently, but we also have so many opportunities,” Pfaff said. “The Governor has continued the work of Dairy Task Force 2.0 to help promote and enhance the cornerstone of Wisconsin agriculture. But we also have a strong organic sector, growing interest in grazing as an alternative, the promise of industrial hemp, even a developing wine and grape industry.”
   “The additional funding and new programs the Governor is proposing would support those efforts for years to come.”

Hit & Run driver found in snowbank

On February 22, 2019, The Crawford County Sheriff’s Department received a report of a two-vehicle hit and run crash in the village of Ferryville. The Crawford County Sheriff’s Departments K-9 unit responded and met with the two victims, whose vehicles were both legally parking alongside Main Street. It was determined that the suspect vehicle left from a parked position alongside Main Street and began operating south bound.
   The suspect vehicle struck the two vehicles, a 2016 Toyota Corola and a 2003 Dodge Grand Caravan. The victim vehicles both sustained damage to their driver sides. A witness observed a female, identified as Jean Boardman, age 61, of Ferryville, leaving the scene with damage to her passenger side.
   The deputy responded to Boardman’s residence and located the suspect vehicle crashed into an outbuilding along the driveway of the residence, with its engine still running. Boardman was located sitting in a snow bank, in front of her vehicle. Boardman’s vehicle had damage to the passenger side and new damage to the driver’s side due to side swiping the out building.
   Boardman admitted to leaving a tavern in the village of Ferryville and displayed signs of impairment. Field sobriety testing was conducted and Boardman was subsequently arrested for operating while under the influence of an intoxicant 2nd offense. Boardman was transported to Crossing Rivers Hospital, then to the Crawford County Jail. Boardman was also charged with 2 counts of hit and run unattended vehicle.



Do your part -
say NO to plastics!

“No straw please”, when ordering a drink

Bring cloth bags for your grocery's

Bring your own mug for water or coffee, you might even get a discount-

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This is something each of us can do.  Do it for the environment, wildlife, G-kids, for everyone!

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