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How Grandma lost her cookies

Cookie Sandy 1

By Dave Collins -

On a cool October morning Grandma got in one of her project moods.  Our 2 year old grand-daughter had recently moved to Denver with her family, so Grandma decided to make oatmeal cookies for her for Halloween.  The project began expanding as the day wore on.
   By the time the cookies were in the oven, Grandma had dressed up as a happy witch in a black robe, big brimmed pointed hat, and in bare feet.  She is always barefoot, except when walking in snow, (but that's another story.)
Cookies Sandy 2

Grandma Sandy Collins

   Grandma's idea began to take on extra dimensions.  She wanted me to take her picture with the cookies displayed on our old cook stove while she held a wooden spoon over the cookies as if it was a magic wand.  The scene began to be embellished with a pumpkin, a ghost, and accessories  Photos were taken.  She planned to place pictures on the outside of the oat meal container.  A photo of our dog on the lid, our cat on the back, and Grandma on the front with the caption, 'Grandma's Vanishing Cookies.' 
   Different approaches were tried until the project was declared a success, packed, labeled, and taken to the post office.  This last step turned out to be a mistake.  We opted for 2 day delivery for $19 rather than 6 days for about $5.  This was Tuesday morning, so we, and the post office, expected the package to be delivered in Denver on Thursday.  Now, the post office did say that the 2 day delivery was not guaranteed, which we assumed meant that if the plane was delayed by weather, the delivery might slip a day.  We waited excitedly in anticipation, but did not hear from our daughter on Thursday, so Friday we asked if she received a package.  The answer was; “No, what package?”
   On Saturday (2 days past the expected delivery date) the package still had not arrived.  Now, my wife and I were not happy campers.  It kind of takes the fun out of the project if the cookies turn stale.  Grandma went to USPO Internet site, with the tracking number and found that the item left Boscobel Post Office at on Tuesday Oct. 18th as expected.  It arrived in the Oak Creek, WI facility on Wednesday the 19th, left there the same day, then vanished!  The vanishing cookies, vanished! Continue 

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