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“The Checkered Chicken

Painter of Barn Quilt Squares



A collaborative group of Boscobel area artists are busy creating colorful outdoor Barn Quilts. 

A question often asked by those new to the term is “What in the world is a Barn Quilt?”  A quilt brings to mind the warmth of hand sewn patches, while a barn conjures up visions of horses and cows.  ...Hmm?


Artist Ruth Bauer explained the process, “Making a Barn Quilt begins with a special type of outdoor plywood.  We make the barn quilts in four sizes, 8’x8’, 4’x8’, 4’x4’ and 2’x2’.  A specific primer is applied to the wood before designing a graphic in an angular style format.  Colorful outdoor paint is artistically applied to the hand crafted quilt design. When complete, the weatherproof Barn Quilt can be securely attached to a barn or other outdoor building for all passersby to enjoy!”

The Barn Quilt tradition originates from age old craft brought to America by immigrant farmers of Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, and central Europe. Large quilt blocks were first painted on the side of a barn in Pennsylvania.  This beautiful eye catching craft eventually spread throughout New England and the Midwest.

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Barn Quilt artists Ruth Bauer, Karen Walker, Mary Mischel, Deb Wagner, and Pam Zimple were February’s 2013 featured artists at Boscobel’s Timberlane Coffee Shop.

For information on a custom designed Barn Quilt contact Pam Zimple, 608-375-4537
or Ruth Bauer, ruba3@yahoo.com.

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